Patrons Circle

The Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences launched the EAPS Patrons Circle in 2014 to recognize those who have made a gift or multi-year gift/pledge of $75,000 or more to support our endowed or expendable fellowship funds. We are pleased to include those who have made an irrevocable provision for EAPS graduate fellowships through an estate plan. An endowment gift of $1M helps to fund one graduate student in perpetuity. Departmental fellowships are critical to our success in attracting and retaining the best students and faculty in the world, and in providing students with the flexibility to explore "out of the box" scientific interests. The Annual EAPS Patrons Circle celebration provides an opportunity for us to express our appreciation to our leading fellowship donors, and for Patrons and graduate fellows to meet and build lasting friendships.

Honoring our Leadership Donors

Thanks to our generous Patrons, EAPS has now secured seven permanently endowed fellowship funds as well as three new expendable fellowship funds, enabling us to support 16 of our graduate students this academic year! We rely on your investment to ensure that EAPS maintains its edge in attracting highly talented young scientists and retaining our top faculty. Your generosity allows us to fully fund each of these graduate fellows for the academic year, subsidizing a vibrant learning community where students can unleash their natural curiosity and explore different research interests. Without you, we could not realize this vision.  

We are deeply grateful to the following Patrons, whose generosity allowed us to establish the following endowed fellowship funds in 2015: Neil and Anna Rasmussen (Norman C. Rasmussen Fellowship Fund), Pat Callahan and David Dee (Callahan-Dee Fellowship Fund) and Emily V. (Paddy) Wade (J.H. and E. V. Wade Fellowship Fund).

We also welcome Cathy Olkin ’88 PhD ‘96 and Terry Olkin ’88, two new EAPS Patrons who recently established the James L. Elliot (1965) Graduate Student Support Fund in honor of a much loved scientist and mentor. Their generous donation helped launch a $1M endowment campaign. If you would like to contribute to this ambitious fundraising goal, please click here.

John H. Carlson joined the Patrons Circle in December 2015 with generous gifts to both the James L. Elliot and EAPS Graduate Student Support Funds, and George J. Elbaum '59, SM '63, PhD '67 and Fred Middleton ‘71 have also renewed their membership after giving further expendable fellowships to EAPS in recent months. We are most grateful.

Last year, EAPS was delighted to launch the Patrons Circle to honor those fellowship donors who made a major gift or will provide funding for fellowships through their estate plan.  The Second Annual Patrons Circle gathering in April 2016 was a great success! Patrons were introduced to “their” fellows, and many personal stories were shared. 

EAPS continues to thrive because of the kind generosity of our Patron sponsors, who generously donate $75,000 or more in support of our graduate students. If you would like to join our Patrons Circle community, please contact Angela Ellis at 617 253 5796 or Alternatively, you can make a gift to one of our fellowship funds here.


We are grateful to our Patrons Circle members:

Roger J. &
Noreen A. Breeding*

Patricia Callahan &
David Dee

John H. Carlson

Arthur C. H. Cheng

Robert C. Cowen

George J. Elbaum &
Mimi Jensen

Peter M. and Martha K. Hurley

Breene M. Kerr

Warren G. Klein

Eric Michelman

Frederick A. Middleton Jr.*

Norman F. Ness*

Catherine B. Olkin & Terry Olkin

Donald L. Paul

Chengpin Peng

Peter Puster and Paula J. Waschbusch*

Neil E. Rasmussen &
Anna Winter Rasmussen 

John S. &
Cynthia L. Reed

Peter H. Stone &
Paola Rizzoli

M. Nafi Toksöz &
Charlotte Johnson

Emily (Paddy) Wade

Jie Zhang


Driver's Ed. for the Planet EAPSpeaks

Inaugural Patrons Circle Celebration EAPSpeaks

* These members have provided for future EAPS fellows in their estate plan.

† deceased.