2016-2017 EAPS FELLOWS

Tristan Abbott (Norman C. Rasmussen Fellow) started his PhD at MIT in Fall 2016 and is currently studying tropical convection with Prof. Timothy Cronin. Until the spring of 2016, Tristan was an undergraduate computer science major at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he developed his interest in numerical and mathematical modeling of the Earth's atmosphere.
Ekaterina Bolotskaya (Theodore R. Madden Fellow) began her PhD studies in Fall 2016 working with Prof. Bradford Hager looking at induced seismology problems with plans to work on the theory of fracturing and friction to explain the origin and the features of a fault's motion during natural and induced earthquakes. Ekaterina grew up is a small city in Russia on the border between Europe and Asia.
Marjorie Cantine (Whiteman Fellow) Marjorie Cantine (Whiteman Fellow) is a second year PhD student in the Geology, Geochemistry and Geobiology Program in EAPS working on Ediacaran rocks from California, Oman, and Newfoundland with Prof. Bergmann to better understand climate during the early evolution of animals. Marjorie is a graduate of Wellesley College. She loves hiking and baking cakes.
Margaret Duffy (Whiteman Fellow) is a second year graduate student in Climate Physics and Chemistry working with Prof. John Marshall. Margaret’s current project uses climate models to study the response of the Southern Ocean to anthropogenic climate forcing. Prior to joining EAPS she studied Mathematics and Statistics as an undergraduate at Haverford College.
Tao Feng (Callahan-Dee Fellow) is a second-year PhD student in the Program in Atmospheres, Oceans and Climate (PAOC), studying the climate penalty and the long-term trend of wind speed with Profs. Noelle Selin and Susan Solomon. Tao is a graduate of Peking University with a BS in environmental science and a BS in economics. He hopes to combine environmental science with economics and to inform policy-making strategies on air pollution and climate change through his research.
Manuel Flores-Torrez (M. Nafi Toksöz Fellow) is a second year PhD. student in geophysics. His work combines computational modelling and analysis of massive seismic data sets with the aim of constraining the physical mechanism of intermediate-depth and deep earthquakes and their relationship to complex subduction zone processes. Before coming to MIT Manuel completed his Master of Science and undergraduate degrees in physics at the Universidad de los Andes and the National University of Colombia, respectively.
Mukund Gupta (John H. Carlson Fellow) is a second year graduate student in the Program in Atmosphere, Oceans and Climate working on the sensitivity of the climate to changes in its energy balance. He says, "I am honored to receive this fellowship and am very grateful for the opportunities it will provide me to pursue my research goals."
Tianyi Huang (Frederick Middleton Fellow) is a second year graduate student in the MIT/WHOI Joint Program in Chemical Oceanography working with Prof. Ed Boyle. She graduated from Peking University, China with a BS in Chemistry. Tianyi's current project uses chromium isotopes in ancient rocks to investigate atmospheric oxygen level in ancient times.
Ziwei Li (Norman C. Rasmussen Fellow) is a first year PhD student in the program of Atmospheric Sciences. He is currently working with Prof. O’Gorman on quantifying the dynamical contributions associated with precipitation extremes in the changing climate. Before joining EAPS, he was an undergraduate in physics and atmospheric sciences in Peking University.
Jeemin Rhim (Shrock Fellow) is a second year PhD student in the Geobiology program. She uses a recently developed methane "clumped" isotopologue (e.g. 13CH3D) analysis to investigate the isotope and isotopologue fractionation associated with microbial methanogenesis. She hopes to better understand the mechanism underlying the origin of kinetically controlled signals to expand the application of clumped isotopologue analysis. She is also growing microbial communities under Archean-like conditions to study their mineralogical, morphological and geochemical biosignatures as well as their preservation potential. This will improve our understanding and interpretation of Precambrian stromatolites.
Raphael Rousseau-Rizzi (Norman C. Rasmussen Fellow) has always been very fond of learning, that fondness starting in an alternative elementary school where most of the learning was done through projects. Raphael found he naturally moved towards science domains, first with aerospace engineering, then with a masters in atmospheric sciences and now in MIT EAPS.
Eric Stansifer (Shrock Fellow) is a graduate student working with Dan Rothman on the geometric properties of river networks. Before coming to MIT, Eric studied math, and he enjoys programming, board games, and puzzles in his free time.
Catherine Wilka (Warren G. Klein Fellow) is a second year PhD student in Climate Physics and Chemistry. Her work focuses on chemical changes in the stratosphere due to the monsoon and the influence of volcanoes. In her free time, Catherine is learning to sail on the Charles River and enjoys sampling the local Cambridge culinary scene.
Martin Wolf (Grayce B. Kerr Fellow) became interested in clouds watching them form over Lake Ontario in upstate New York. Today, his love for clouds has only grown deeper by studying their formation and climatic relevance in Prof. Dan Cziczo's lab.
Maria Zawadowicz (Grayce B. Kerr Fellow) is a fifth year graduate student working in Prof. Dan Cziczo’s lab in EAPS. She is interested in development of field and laboratory instrumentation to solve problems in atmospheric chemistry and climate. Currently, she is working on mass spectrometry of single aerosol particles.
2015-2016 EAPS FELLOWS
Josimar Alves da Silva - Theodore R. Madden Fellow
John Biersteker - Whiteman Fellow
Christine Chen - Callahan-Dee Fellow
Margaret Duffy - Norman C. Rasmussen Fellow
Tao Feng - Warren G. Klein Fellow
Charles Gertler - Norman C. Rasmussen Fellow
Mukund Gupta - Frederick Middleton Fellow
Niraj Inamdar - Robert R. Shrock Fellow
Shujuan Mao - M. Nafi Toksöz Fellow
Harry Matchette-Downs - Schlumberger Fellow
Jamie Potter - Theodore Madden Fellow
Jeemin Rhim - Grayce B. Kerr Fellow
Catherine Wilka - Norman C. Rasmussen Fellow
Martin Wolf - Norman C. Rasmussen Fellow
Madeline Youngs - Norman C. Rasmussen Fellow
2014-2015 EAPS FELLOWS
Jared Atkinson - Whiteman Fellow
Tom Beucler - Neil and Anna Rasmussen Fellow
Katie Castagno - Neil and Anna Rasmussen Fellow
Christine Chen - Grayce B. Kerr Fellow
Manuel Flores Torrez - Theodore Madden Fellow
Chen Gu - M. Nafi Toksöz Fellow
Niraj Inamdar - Grayce B. Kerr Fellow
Christopher Kinsley - Grayce B. Kerr Fellow
Mingwei Li - Whiteman Fellow
Diamilet Perez-Betancourt - Warren G. Klein Fellow
Sandra Shedd - Whiteman Fellow
Elena Steponaitis - Grayce B. Kerr Fellow
Haoyue Wang - Theodore Madden Fellow
2013-2014 EAPS FELLOWS
Mike Byrne - Frank Fellow
Danielle Gruen - Neil and Anna Rasmussen Fellow
Ben Klein - Grayce B. Kerr Fellow
Emily Matys - Whiteman Fellow
Michael McClellan - Neil and Anna Rasmussen Fellow
Sharon Newman - Frank Fellow
Shaojie Song - Grayce B. Kerr Fellow
Elena Steponaitis - Warren G. Klein Fellow
Matthew Webber - Whiteman Fellow
Lucas Willemsen - M. Nafi Toksöz Fellow
Maria Zawadowicz - Grayce B. Kerr Fellow


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