Postdoctoral Program

The EAPS Department—a superior environment for research and training—is committed to providing excellent opportunities for postdoctoral study with faculty who are widely recognized for their contributions to their fields. We offer broad exposure to all areas of the geophysical sciences, leading to work that is both rigorous and rewarding

Postdocs are appointed after recommendation by a faculty sponsor, and the Department hosts 35-65 postdocs with active appointments in any given year. Candidates interested in postdoctoral study at EAPS should contact the appropriate faculty member directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a postdoctoral position at EAPS?

Applications for postdoctoral positions are made by contacting the appropriate faculty member directly.

Where will I find a listing of available postdoctoral positions?

There is no comprehensive listing of available postdoctoral positions. Availability of postdoctoral positions depends on faculty sponsorship. Occasionally a postdoctoral opportunity will be posted under the Employment section of our website. The best thing to do is to contact the appropriate faculty member directly regarding opportunities in his/her lab.

How are postdoctoral positions funded?

Virtually all postdocs at EAPS are supported either by individual fellowships from the NSF or by grant funding sourced through a faculty grant. Institute funding for postdocs is very limited. Generally speaking, the availability of grant funding will determine the availability of postdoctoral positions.

What is the difference between a Fellow and an Associate?

Postdoctoral researchers are appointed with the title of Postdoctoral Fellow or Postdoctoral Associate, depending on the funding source.

The MIT title of Postdoctoral Fellow applies to researchers who receive funding in the form of a fellowship or stipend from an outside agency, either directly or distributed through MIT on behalf of the sponsor.

The MIT title of Postdoctoral Associate applies to those who are paid their salary by MIT.

Benefits eligibility varies by type of appointment. Please check with MIT's Human Resources Benefits Office or your Human Resources Administrator if you have questions regarding eligibility.

Where can I learn more about being a postdoc at MIT?

The MIT Postdoctoral Scholars website is an excellent source of information.